Simple Ideas to Declutter Your Home

No one likes a cluttered home, right? Well, here are some ways to get frequently used items out of the way while still having them handy when you need them. Check out these “Simple Ideas to Declutter Your Home”, courtesy of Cornbread Wisdom.

These tips are about both staying organized without spending a lot of money to do so. Easy and straightforward methods that yield efficient results, because that’s the Cornbread Wisdom way of thinking!

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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

I can’t think of a year in my lifetime that people were so relieved to say goodbye to as 2020. As horrible as it was, I challenge you to count your blessings and think of as many good things as you can that happened last year, then thank God for each of them. Here’s hoping and praying that 2021 is a better year for us all.

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A Weary World Rejoices

In a troubling and trying year like 2020 has been, I truly pray that you have a smooth, peaceful, and blessed Christmas. Merry Christmas to you.

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Ace Hardware Rewards Program – Are You Signed Up?

If you are not part of Ace Hardware‘s rewards program then you are really missing out. On a regular basis they send out discount coupons like this that you can use on all sorts of things to help you around the house and garden. There is even more savings if you use their app. Best of all, Ace Hardware employees actually know a lot about hardware, know a lot about what they sell, and you can find an employee when you have a question. When is the last time you got that kind of service at one of the big home improvement centers? Drop by your local Ace Hardware and sign up today!

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Is There Something to Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

There is no doubt we are living in trying times. Global health concerns, people furloughed or laid off, businesses closed, and loved ones not being able to gather together makes for a stressful Thanksgiving Day. So is there still something to be thankful for?

Yes. Always.

Sure, many of us are unable to follow our regular holiday traditions and there is a lot of social, economic, and political uncertainty right now. 2020 by most accounts has been a terrible year. Yet despite all this I challenge and encourage you to look for the blessings. Trust me, they are there just like the wheat among the proverbial tares. In Matthew 13:24-30 it talks about how after a man had planted good wheat in his field his enemies sneaked in at night and planted bad seed as well to choke out the good crops. When asked by his workers if they should pull up the weeds that had sprouted the man said to leave them be, gather everything at harvest time, and then sort the good from the bad.

Many of us sowed good seed at the beginning of 2020 only to have life’s tares, its weeds, sprout up around them trying to choke them out. But Thanksgiving Day comes at the time of harvest. It is when we can gather in our hearts and mind all that has been produced throughout the year – good and bad – and sort it all out. We can cast off life’s tares, look at what is left, and embrace the good harvest however large or small it may be. Don’t let the tares of 2020 choke you out. There is always something to be thankful for.

(Guest writer: C. Andrew Nelson, Veronica’s husband)

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What Did YOU Do For Halloween?

A lot of Halloween activities were cancelled this year due to the ongoing health concerns of 2020, so many people adapted what they usually do or have found alternative ways to have spooky good fun. As for me and my husband, we decided to watch the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock classic film Rebecca starring Joan Fontaine and Lawrence Olivier. Not exactly a horror film, but it’s an engaging and sinister story and Hitchcock’s first American film (still with a predominantly British cast). If you’ve never seen it check out this video link…

So what did you do for Halloween this year? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Storage Idea From Daiso

Let’s visit one of my favorite discount stores, Daiso, to find some great items to help me organize my gift giving supplies! I always have gift bags, ribbons, bows, gift tags, and such ready in case it’s somebody’s birthday, or we are invited to a wedding, or for the holidays. But I didn’t have a great way to organize off of the stuff and consolidate it into one place in my home…until now! And now you have a way to organize your gift giving supplies thanks to Cornbread Wisdom!

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Facts, Truth, and Wisdom Matter – Show the World!

In this climate of rampant fake news, facts, truth, and wisdom matter more than ever. Spread that message and support Cornbread Wisdom at the same time with these and other great items from the official CBW store on Teespring!

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Ready For a Blackout?

When rolling blackouts happened here in California I was prepared…in theory. Then I got a Big 5 Sporting Goods coupon and that theory became fact. We used that coupon to buy three magnetic LED lights. Then we went to Target and bought two battery-operated LED lanterns.

The magnetic LED lights are made to resemble light switches. When the switch is flipped the lights on the front of it shine bright. It can be placed on any metal surface using the built-in magnets on the back or can be mounted to a wall using adhesive or screws. The one thing to remember is not to look directly at the switch when you turn it on because the lights are quite bright. These are great because you can place them virtually anywhere. We placed one on the metal door leading from our dining room to the backyard and another in the hall facing towards the hall closet adjacent to the bathroom.

The lanterns are from Coleman, a reliable manufacturer that has been making lanterns for decades. We already had a few, but decided to purchase more so that everyone in the house had one for their bedroom in case the lights went out at night. One is kept in our living room too so we can provide light there for a pet parrot should the power go out.

A very useful item we picked up several years ago is a portable radio with a built-in clock, flashlight, and hazard light. It can be charged via solar power, hand crank, or battery. When the there’s a blackout this one device allows us to illuminate the area and listen to the local news.

Finally, we have an LED task light that resembles a fluorescent tube. It has powerful magnets on the back and three brightness settings. Normally it’s used in our garage near my husband’s workbench tool area, but during a recent blackout we used its magnets to hang it on the light fixture over our dining table so we could eat dinner.

It’s always good to have candles and flashlights on hand, but these items will help you really prepare for when the power goes out.

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Tea For Two…Make That Twelve

I really enjoy tea. What’s better than a hot cup of tea on a cold winter day? I’ll tell you what’s better: getting an amazing deal of a bundle of tea!

We are well into January and I am still finding incredible deals on Christmas close-out items. Found this “Twelve Teas of Christmas” package deeply discounted at Ross Dress For Less.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That markdown price tag really says 49 cents.

Looks like Christmas has been extended past the twelve days for me and my family. Perhaps it will be for you too. Keep checking stores like Ross, Big Lots, and others. There are still after-Christmas bargains to be had!

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