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Oh Where, Oh Where Has Gaddafi Gone? Oh Where, Oh Where Can He Be?

Is he hiding up a tree? Is he hiding out at sea? Is he riding on a boat? Is he riding on a goat? Sorry, Dr. Seuss, but I couldn’t resist! One thing is for certain, Libyan dictator Gaddafi/Gadhafi (choose your … Continue reading

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Volunteer Work Means Practicing What You Believe

For a few months now, I’ve been working with the SAG BookPals organization. Union actors read to children in schools, shelters, and get involved in the community through PBS, etc. On 8/23 I read to children at a shelter. Time went by … Continue reading

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No To 3 Snow White Movies, Yes To Twilight Saga Parodies

Do you need three, yes I said 3 Snow White themed movies? Apparently someone gave the green light to these projects because according to the full article Cineamatical on the website  MoviePhone, American audiences are getting them, whether we want them or … Continue reading

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Nick Ashford Dead at 70 R.I.P.

As a singer, I can’t think of anything more tragic then a singer/song writer dying of throat cancer. It frightens me to think that the gift of music and speech could be taken from a person. And yet that is … Continue reading

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Real Life Nancy Drew: 12 Year Old Girl Solves Crime in Atlanta

Do you remember the Nancy Drew books and television show? They were about this teenage girl named Nancy Drew who solved mysteries and crimes. This book series had a positive effect on girls of all ages and ethnic groups. Even Secretary of … Continue reading

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My Good, Better, Best Plan for Storing Plastic Bags

These plastic bags I get every time I buy something are very useful. All my waste baskets have one inside them to make removing trash easier. I do this on a regular basis so having to clean the waste baskets is … Continue reading

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Birthday Blessings: Don’t Forget Your Pet

Do you have a pet? We have fish and a bird. Our main fish, among others, is a 25-year-old suckermouthed catfish that we lovingly call, “Grumpy Fish”. Think Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street but grayish brown, whiskers, and fins. Our other pet is … Continue reading

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Great Ab Work and Arm Work Out on A Couch

My 10 year old son wants to beat me at arm wrestling…really bad. For right now, I’m still the champion if he doesn’t use both his hands. I told him that if he and I worked out, he’d eventually win a match … Continue reading

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Sally Beauty Supply Membership Card

Have card, will travel. I renew my Sally Beauty Supply  green card once a year for around $11. But wait there’s more! After my purchase of hair, nail and face products, the receipt tells me my discount and routinely gives me a $5 off … Continue reading

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Humorous and Helpful: Car Talk is Here For You

  Car Talk is a radio show hosted by two brothers, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, on National Public Radio. The broadcast airs at 10 AM Saturday and Sunday mornings on my local KQED FM radio station. They take phone calls from people who describe … Continue reading

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