Bed Bath & Beyond: From Wedding Gifts to 18th Wedding Anniversary to Holidays and Beyond

The holidays will be here before you know it! Sometimes you just want to do something a little bit special. Do it with a coupon and don’t lose your receipt! Bed Bath & Beyond is a chain of stores that sell house, apartment, and college items. When I became engaged to Charles Andrew Nelson, Bed Bath & Beyond was where we registered for wedding gifts! On October 17, 2011 we will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. Throughout the years my hubby and I have bought everything from artistic bathroom shower curtains and rugs to picture frames, closet hangers, bed sheet sets, music cd’s, snacks, and even a Shiatsu back massager!

What keeps me a repeat customer is knowing that I will  have several types of coupons to choose from. The standard is 20% off one item. As the holidays draw near the mail will arrive with $5.00 off, $10.00 off, and $15.00 off coupons for the total purchase of a certain amount. The best thing about these are wherever I’ve shopped in California the expiration date is not enforced. Now you know that America’s economy is bad when a store cashier and manager says, “Forget about it!” concerning their own coupon policy!

Bed Bath & Beyond is a chain of stores that also has their own ticker symbol: BBBY. That’s right! You can buy their stock, use the coupons, budget for what you need, buy it on clearance, and shop guilt free! Please feel free to consider this a pre-holiday helpful hint. Pre-Happy Holidays to you all!

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