Big Lots! 20% Off Coupon Sunday 10/9/2011

Promotional offer valid one day only on this Big Lots coupon people! Fortunately, the coupon says they have extended shopping hours. This is good because in the past, it seemed like right after church I would run into the same women at Big Lots! It was like we were all collectively thinking, “That was a great service. The pastor gave a wonderful sermon. If that’s the last bag of  Doritos, I will fight you for it.” Not very lady-like but hey, I’m keeping it real.

So after you’ve gotten your praise on for an hour or two, make a pit stop at Big Lots!  Use this coupon to pick up snacks and other essential items before you get dehydrated and start seeing visions. Unless you’re fasting today. If that’s the case, resist the temptation to go shopping and give your coupon to a church member, family member or friend. It’s still better to give than to receive, right?!?!


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  1. Luis says:

    That is a very interesting iclfeetron. I find that when I am absolutely compelled to do something out of need, like go to the grocery store or take all the kids with me to a doctors appointment, somehow Allah (swt) makes it easy for me and small things fall into place, like the baby staying asleep in the stroller (a very rare happening) or someone in the waiting room who plays games with them. It’s when I do things that are not so absolutely necessary that things fall apart and I end up wishing I had never come. It is interesting to wonder if the reason for the ease of your shopping trip was conditional on it being a need, something you had no choice in. Subhanallah, there is so much to ponder in the small things.

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