Battle Halloween! Ohio Dentist Buy Back Candy Plan

I haven’t bought variety bags filled with candy for years. Why? I knew when Halloween rolled around each year, my husband would take our children to a church harvest festival. It’s the alternative to halloween party with scary costumes. That’s where the children play games of skill and chance and are rewarded with candy. I would prefer more inexpensive take home games like puzzles, mystery books, yo-yos, etc. But at least I didn’t shell out $$$ for a bag of candy bars, lollipops and cookies. My children each have their own bag filled with about a pound and a half each of sweet treats. They make their stash last into the New Year and beyond.

Now there’s a man with plan to buy back the free candy for a price. He’s a dentist from Ohio who will buy back the candy at $1.00 per pound, up to $5.00.

MANSFIELD, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio dentist is offering to buy kids’ trick-or-treating booty this Halloween, and he’s even throwing in a toothbrush to sweeten the deal.The Mansfield News Journal reports ( ) that dentist Craig Callen and his associates are offering kids $1 per pound of candy they bring in, with a 5-pound limit per child. The dentists are also holding a drawing for two children’s bikes.

Callen says brushing teeth and visiting a dentist are good preventive measures, but doing away with excess sweets would give teeth a healthy boost.Callen says candy can lead to hyperactivity and weight gain and can be especially damaging to children’s braces.

Information from: News Journal,

I know he’s got a good point. Who wants or needs more hyperactivity and cavities in your children? I need multivitamins, energy bars, and juice/tea/vitamin infused water to keep up with my family. My children have energy just from being young and unburdened with all of life’s responsibilities on their shoulders. That’s what my shoulders are for.

This dentist is providing an alternative to tooth decay and for that he should be congratulated. He’s still ripping off you and your kids with his trade in price. Your kids could easily trade or sell the candy for 5 or 10 cents each after school and make more money. You can set up a bowl of sweets on your desk at work and donate 10% of sales to charity. Reality set aside, if more dentists do this do you think you’ll be paying an extra visit to your dentist/candy pawn broker?

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  1. dentist says:

    Useful info. Lucky me I found your web site by chance, and I’m stunned why this accident didn’t happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  2. Devin Imbrock says:

    Your opinions are really striking. Loved reading your blog!

  3. Anoj says:

    LOL Your post made me smile! I love candy corn too, but someone once showed me how to mix it with dry-roasted peanuts…and I love it even more! Sweet & salty is my favorite combo 🙂

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