Tis the Season for Growth Spurts and Old Navy

It’s around this time that I look for the big whale coupon. You know, the kind that say save $10 when you spend $50 or more at Old Navy? I have to have it because my little ones aren’t so little anymore. So I try to thank every person that buys the very good condition items that I sell on eBay. The sales from these items and the donation to charity of other items make it possible for me to justify a well needed trip to Old Navy.

I found the coupon, but Hubby took the kids shopping this time. God bless him! He took them to Bay Street in Emeryville, CA. It’s a lovely shopping center with a movie theater, restaurants, garage, and street parking.  They even have a Christmas tree during the Holiday Season in the public square.

So what was the haul? Jeans, yoga pants, and long sleeve top for the girl. A zipper performance fleece jacket for the boy.  But the total came up to just $45. What did hubby do? Added a pair of fingerless sweater gloves that our daughter had been wanting for ages, yet had never asked for because she thought they were too expensive.  The gloves happened to be on sale though for $10, bringing the total to $55.  Now Hubby could use the coupon which essentially made the gloves free.  Our daughter was delighted.  God knows the desires of our hearts and can make a way for us to have them, just as He made a way for our daughter to have the gloves she truly wanted.

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