Ross is Lucky for me: Name Brand Necklace For Less

I went with my daughter to Macy’s and saw this jewelry with the brand name “Lucky“. The simple design was age appropriate; the price tag was not. Today, I went to Ross Dress For Less and what did I find? A heart and key two-in-one necklace by Lucky. The cost for me was not $35.00. It was just $12.99, not including tax. Our girl’s sweet sixteen just got a little sweeter! She received two new dresses (also from Ross), free new hair style, ¬†cash, free special delivery bouquet of flowers, free breakfast at Denny’s, free cakes at Jack in the Box, lots of free fast food coupons, birthday dinner at Mel’s Diner, a free copy of the computer game SKYRIM, and a free viewing of Snow White and the Huntsmen.

Tip: Is your daughter’s hair long enough to be a hair model? Ask around at some salons cosmetology schools, and hair shows. Find out what the requirements are for hair lengths, age, and height. Get everything in writing, including pay for hours, copies of photos if pictures are taken and make sure that your child’s work permit is in order if you need one. Even if your child has an agent, you might have to step in as a “mom-manager” or hire a manager to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible.

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