Nicoderm CQ Patch Commercial Comment: Trading One Addiction for Another?

I’m all for quitting habits that financially drain you and have the potential to make you sick. Smoking cigarettes is one. I know because I believed I wouldn’t have made it through my college years without coffee and cigarettes for those late night study sessions. Once I graduated I quit the cancer sticks, but found myself consuming more coffee and caffeinated beverages. There are just some things higher education doesn’t tell you about. Students and young adults experience addictions in small, self-justifiable doses long before wake-up calls and interventions occur. Meanwhile, companies that advertise on college campuses make money off of the student body’s habitual consumption. Some of us are old enough to remember when vending machines included cigarettes and soda pop servings were in a glass bottle with a metal cap. Good Times!

There’s a commercial running for Nicoderm CQ. I think it’s hopeful, funny, and scary. Two guys are talking at a table. One leaves to go smoke outside and the other stays at the table. He has the strength to resist the temptation to smoke, hopefully for a while. Why? Is it because of the patch or because of the glass of beer at his side? If you want to be honest, it’s probably a little bit of both.  That’s funny to me.

Now for the scary part: A miniature disco band magically appears and sings a song of encouragement to the man that remains at the table. And the man at the table starts dancing in his seat because he can see the little people. Hello! Does the Nicoderm CQ Patch cause hallucinations in individuals who uses this product over an extended period of time? If he is the only person that can see the band, doesn’t that mean he’s having a psychotic episode resulting in a break with reality? I smell a lawsuit a-comin’. It’s only a matter of time.

Music used in video:  Ain’t no Mountain High Enough originally sung by Motown Artists MARVIN GAYE & TAMMI TERRELL

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