Let’s Talk About Debt Baby!

It’s not cool or sexy but you still need to talk about it before you deal with it. It’s never too late to make a plan to pay down and eliminate your debt. But what do you do if your spouse or significant other doesn’t want to talk? I suggest prayer, intervention, marriage counseling and single therapy STAT! Separation and divorce are not the first choices you run too. They are the final options when financial immaturity and foolish decisions have a stronghold in your marriage.

In the meantime, you have to take care to protect yourself (and children) from falling into further financial peril. The first video is for the single folks out there. Here’s a young man named Lincoln Ho. He paid off his debts, then helped his mom pay hers. It’s great that he ‘s willing to show us how he did it in his video titled: How To Pay Off One Debt Sooner 

This second video is from The Dave Ramsey Series.  The YouTube videos are in 10 parts.  I chose to showcase the first one as a sample.  My hubby has also found Mr. Ramsey’s audio CD’s and books at our local library.

Dave Ramsey promotes The Seven Step Plan to Eliminate Debt. The first step: save $1000 for an emergency fund. Can you guess the rest? If not, just watch the video below!

Rebuke that hot mess of debt in the name of  Jesus.  Now, get to work!

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