Being A Mom on Mother’s Day

Although Mother’s Day is supposed to be a day where mothers are celebrated, pampered, and catered to, we know the truth don’t we, ladies?  Mother’s Day or not, we never stop being moms. It’s a 24/7 job. No, not a job,…a calling.  And it always calls to us.  Once we become a mother everything changes.  I’m not just talking about giving birth to a child.  I mean truly becoming a mom. Whether a child comes into your life through the miracle of birth, the blessing of adoption, or the commitment of foster parenting, there is that moment where a woman’s whole way of thinking…of feeling…of viewing the world completely shifts.  She is no longer the center of her own world.  That child becomes the center.  It is an amazing thing that, once it happens, can never change back.  You become a nurturer.  That’s how you view your child and your world from here on out.  Even on Mother’s Day there is no break from that.

I spent this Mother’s Day weekend not focused on myself, but on my family, specifically my daughter and supporting her as she took to the stage to perform in a college dance showcase.  I also reached out to the other mothers I know through texts to connect with them, each of whom were spending their Mother’s Day nurturing their children or loved ones.  One fellow mother was at the Emergency Room with her daughter who was suffering an infection, because that’s what moms do – we drop everything and be a mom.  And my husband says that the wife of a friend of his was also at the hospital on this Mother’s Day…because she’s a Delivery Room nurse.  Instead of being with her husband and children (who were still on her mind), that mother was helping other women become mothers.  She was still nurturing.  Still being a mom.

Our families, our friends, and our children may try to tell us that Mother’s Day is our “day off”, but it isn’t. There are no days off. And that’s okay. There aren’t supposed to be any. Even if there were we wouldn’t know how to have a day off from being who we are.

Thank you for Mother’s Day, but if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to it, because you know…I’m a mom!

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