Much To Be Thankful For

(From Veronica’s husband Andrew)

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is very hard. We struggle just to make it through the day. But even on our worst days we need to focus on the positive. Seeing only the negative takes little to no effort. You have to work at looking for the good. As we do though, life gets better. That doesn’t mean our problems go away. It means we get better at dealing with those problems. Focusing on the positive and finding something to be thankful for strengthens us. It fortifies us so that we can face our problems and make it through them. It all begins with being thankful.

Thanksgiving Day for our family this year could have seemed like a time of sorrow and frustration. We just went through a bout of the flu, our vehicles were having mechanical issues, and my mother-in-law suffered a stroke a month prior. We were worn out, rundown, and discouraged. Yet rather than give in and crumble, we chose to count our blessings and be thankful.

We are thankful that not everyone in our family caught the flu and that those of us who did were not sick all at the same time. That meant we could still take care of each other. (There is nothing more miserable than when the whole family is sick at once.)

We are thankful that Veronica’s mother’s stroke was considered a small one and that it did not effect her memory. We found a nursing & rehab facility that, although not perfect, had some good people working there. My mother-in-law got the physical therapy she needed. We are also thankful that she was discharged in time to be home with us for Thanksgiving.

We are thankful that despite it being an unexpected expense we were able to get repairs done to our van so that we could transport my mother-in-law home.

We are thankful that, as weary and exhausted as we were, we did not have to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Dear friends of ours invited us over to their house to share in their Thanksgiving and afterwards sent us home with lots of tasty leftovers. We didn’t even have to wash dishes.

Finally, we are thankful for God’s continued grace and mercy, His care and His provision, and His never-ending love.

No matter how bad your day feels, take the time – force yourself to take the time – to find something, anything to be thankful for. Make it a habit and it will become the means by which each bad day is turned into a stepping stone on the path that leads out of the bad times.

– C. Andrew Nelson –

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