Happier Halloweens

When I was a child Halloween was just silly, good-natured, slightly spooky fun. We dressed up in costumes, went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, or went to a supervised party. But by the time my husband and I had children of our own, we didn’t even recognize Halloween. It had morphed into a bloody, horrifying, shock-inducing gorefest. Gone were the pumpkins and ghosts in people’s yard displays. The had been replaced by terrifying banshees, ghouls, zombies, demons, and severed body parts.

This is why when our children were young we did not let them go trick-or-treating, but instead took them to a local church for a more traditional Halloween gathering. It seemed like an oasis in a sea of madness. We would pray that God would turn people’s hearts away from that darkness. This year He did.

As we look around the neighborhood we see a shift back towards the fun & spooky and away from the disturbing & gory. But it’s not just in our neighborhood. It’s in the retail stores as well. No more repulsive and disgusting “Halloween” displays in stores like Wal-mart and others. There is a return to the innocence of Halloween that my husband and I knew as children.

Never underestimate what God can do. He can transform and heal anything…even Halloween!

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