How Merry is Your Christmas?

Can I be real with you? Christmas is not always a perfectly pleasant time for me and my family. We often get hit hard with life’s struggles at this time of year. The enemy likes to attack us during this season: unexpected bills, car accidents, illnesses, leaky roofs, appliances breaking down. We’ve seen it all and then some. But I always have to remember that this is also the time of year that God likes to bless us. Sometimes He blesses us through our struggles, sometimes He blesses us in spite of our struggles, and sometimes He blesses us because of our struggles. No matter what, God is always able to bless his people if we put our hearts in a place to receive his blessings. Instead of focusing on our troubles and becoming fearful, angry, or bitter about them, we need to focus on God in the midst of our troubles and bring our cares and concerns to Him, trusting that He is able to deliver us from or deliver us through it all.

This Christmas has had its share of issues, but my family and I chose to count our blessings rather than number our woes. We spent a nice quiet day at home together. We cooked a good meal which we all enjoyed. We listened to fun Christmas music that wasn’t the same old song versions that play on the radio every year. No one was sick with a cold this year (a rarity in our house). And everyone had a gift to open under the tree. Regardless of the external factors that could have made our Christmas blue, we chose to have a Merry Christmas instead.

How Merry is your Christmas?

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