Big! Lots! Clearance Haul

If you look carefully, every Big Lots store has a clearance section. It may be one whole row or it may just be half a shelf, but it’s there. When you find it you might find some amazing deals like these…

Nutrition bars originally priced at $2.00 then $1.00 and now marked down to 25¢!

Full-size bags of potato chips for 50¢!

Larabar chocolate mint truffles for $1.00!

Organic toaster pastries for 50¢ a box!

Kind Kids chocolate chip bars for 50¢! (So good my son and I had to open them up on the way home!)

Carr’s Table Water Crackers for a mere 25¢ a box! (Think how much you pay for them at Safeway or Lucky’s.)

And Christmas chocolates for only 10¢ a bag! I found these in the same section as the Valentine’s Day candy at my local Big Lots store. Talk about a sweet deal!

Big Lots clearance sections aren’t only for food items. You’ll also find gadgets, home decor, and more there. So the next time you visit your nearby Big Lots be sure to scout out their clearance section. You’ll be glad you did!

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