Is There Something to Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

There is no doubt we are living in trying times. Global health concerns, people furloughed or laid off, businesses closed, and loved ones not being able to gather together makes for a stressful Thanksgiving Day. So is there still something to be thankful for?

Yes. Always.

Sure, many of us are unable to follow our regular holiday traditions and there is a lot of social, economic, and political uncertainty right now. 2020 by most accounts has been a terrible year. Yet despite all this I challenge and encourage you to look for the blessings. Trust me, they are there just like the wheat among the proverbial tares. In Matthew 13:24-30 it talks about how after a man had planted good wheat in his field his enemies sneaked in at night and planted bad seed as well to choke out the good crops. When asked by his workers if they should pull up the weeds that had sprouted the man said to leave them be, gather everything at harvest time, and then sort the good from the bad.

Many of us sowed good seed at the beginning of 2020 only to have life’s tares, its weeds, sprout up around them trying to choke them out. But Thanksgiving Day comes at the time of harvest. It is when we can gather in our hearts and mind all that has been produced throughout the year – good and bad – and sort it all out. We can cast off life’s tares, look at what is left, and embrace the good harvest however large or small it may be. Don’t let the tares of 2020 choke you out. There is always something to be thankful for.

(Guest writer: C. Andrew Nelson, Veronica’s husband)

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