Ready For a Blackout?

When rolling blackouts happened here in California I was prepared…in theory. Then I got a Big 5 Sporting Goods coupon and that theory became fact. We used that coupon to buy three magnetic LED lights. Then we went to Target and bought two battery-operated LED lanterns.

The magnetic LED lights are made to resemble light switches. When the switch is flipped the lights on the front of it shine bright. It can be placed on any metal surface using the built-in magnets on the back or can be mounted to a wall using adhesive or screws. The one thing to remember is not to look directly at the switch when you turn it on because the lights are quite bright. These are great because you can place them virtually anywhere. We placed one on the metal door leading from our dining room to the backyard and another in the hall facing towards the hall closet adjacent to the bathroom.

The lanterns are from Coleman, a reliable manufacturer that has been making lanterns for decades. We already had a few, but decided to purchase more so that everyone in the house had one for their bedroom in case the lights went out at night. One is kept in our living room too so we can provide light there for a pet parrot should the power go out.

A very useful item we picked up several years ago is a portable radio with a built-in clock, flashlight, and hazard light. It can be charged via solar power, hand crank, or battery. When the there’s a blackout this one device allows us to illuminate the area and listen to the local news.

Finally, we have an LED task light that resembles a fluorescent tube. It has powerful magnets on the back and three brightness settings. Normally it’s used in our garage near my husband’s workbench tool area, but during a recent blackout we used its magnets to hang it on the light fixture over our dining table so we could eat dinner.

It’s always good to have candles and flashlights on hand, but these items will help you really prepare for when the power goes out.

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