Choose to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day

For some Valentine’s Day is a cherished holiday. For others it is something they dread. Maybe you don’t have a special someone to share that day with. Perhaps you do have someone special in your life, but aren’t able to celebrate in the manner that you would like to. No matter what your situation this Valentine’s Day you can still purpose in your heart to make it a good day.

If you can’t celebrate the way you had hoped to then celebrate however you can. This day is not about lavishing one another with gifts and expensive outings. It’s about showering that certain someone with love. Doing something nice for them doesn’t have to cost much money or involve elaborate planning.

But if there isn’t that special person in your life right now then be you’re own valentine. Show yourself some appreciation. Do something nice for yourself. And remember that you are not alone this Valentine’s Day. There is Someone else who loves you dearly and made the ultimate sacrifice for you so that you might have life and have it more abundantly. Wrap yourself up in His love. Choose to have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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