Easter: The Rest of the Story

Out of all the major holidays, Easter is the most forgotten. Certainly there are Easter sales, lots of candy, colored eggs, and even parades. But the importance of Easter is what gets pushed further and further out of mind.

Easter, or “Resurrection Sunday” as many like to call it, is really the rest of the story that began on Christmas. Whereas Christmas was the beginning of Jesus’ mission here on Earth, Easter represents the completion of it in this realm. It commemorates his resurrection from the grave after dying on the cross in our stead, bearing the full weight of our sins – past, present, and future – so that we do not have to die an eternal death for those sins.

Sadly this significance of Easter is often downplayed, shoved aside, or ignored. Christmas is highly commercialized, yet the key message of Christmas still shines through each year. Is that the same for Easter? Or is its importance being allowed to fade away more and more as the years pass? Are we more preoccupied with that Easter Sunday brunch than we are the Easter Sunday meaning? Are we placing more emphasis on the first chapter of the story than we are on its climax? Who watches a movie or reads a book without caring how the story ends?

Take time on Easter to think about the rest of the story.

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